How to Be on the First in the Search Results

Thousands and thousands of people are fighting to achieve the first places in search engines. But, in fact, success is achieved only by those who get into the top 10, and better in the top 3. And there are very few of them.

However, there are not one or two “pills” that will give you high positions in the results of Google, bing and other search engines. Website promotion is a complex work, which has several dozen facets, each of which can not be ignored.

Be Unique

How simple it sounds and how difficult it is to achieve it. When the Internet is filled with dozens and even hundreds of thousands of pages with ideas like yours, it's hard to find something special and useful that will set you apart from this crowd.

But there is a very interesting nuance that will significantly facilitate your task to be unique. Specifically, tell your story, your case, and share your experience. And your experience doesn't have to be successful. Even a failed strategy deserves to be read and learned from.

Social Prominence

In the last 5-6 years, it is difficult to achieve full-fledged development of a web project if you are "unknown" in social networks. Therefore, it would be good for you to have your own pages on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and similar sites. Be sure to include links to your pages from your site.

Do Not Limit Yourself To One Website

Plan multiple web projects. Statistics of SEOs say that even with high-quality work with sites, successful development is obtained in 20-30% of websites. Therefore, it is worth starting 3-4 websites and dealing with them closely. Within 3-6 months, you will understand which of your web projects is more promising in the "eyes of Google". You focus all your efforts on it. In general, it is not expensive to have 3-4 sites. They can be placed on a single hosting, saving a lot on this.

Actual SEO Related Cases and Events

How do you check a multi-page site?

If you know that you will need to analyze a site with quite a lot of pages, then, the process of parsing all the pages of the site can take a very long time (up to several days). Therefore, since most of the errors will have the same nature for different "functional parts" of the site (catalog pages, product/article pages) you can limit the depth of parsing to 4-5 nesting levels.


Idea or analysis of a topic for an SEO article

Content in the modern world is consumed every day in gigabytes. It is important to stay in trend and maintain the interest of the target audience.

How to choose a hot topic? Analyze user requests, website reviews and comments.

For example, we need to write an article for a website that sells handicraft products.

How to choose a topic for an article? In recent months, there has been an active sale of medical and protective face masks. Our target audience is seamstresses, entrepreneurs, ateliers and housewives. On the site we can post the stages of creating face masks and offer ready-made patterns. Additionally: we have an idea to sell ready-made sewing kits at home.


SEO - terms

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the optimization and promotion of a website in search results. The goal is to drive traffic.

SEO Text / Article is optimized text for search engine robots (Bing and Google). The information should contain keywords and respond to the user's request.

SEO copywriting is the process of writing optimized articles. We always write for users, adhering to a certain structure.

There is one thing you should know: SEO copy and SEO article are different concepts.

SEO text is content that is intended for online stores. This can be a description for product cards, catalog, and so on.

An SEO article is full-fledged material that is valuable to the reader. These are materials from 500+ words, accompanied by pictures and videos.


What is internal linking and how does it affect website promotion?

Internal linking is a link that is placed on one page of the site and leads to another. In the process of SEO promotion, it performs the following functions:

  1. Keeps the user on the site and motivates him to move between pages. It boosts behavioral factors and is highly regarded by search engines. The more time visitors spend on the page, the better such a site will rank.
  2. Internal links help search engine crawlers find new pages, making them appear faster in search results. In other words, linking speeds up the process of indexing a web resource.
  3. With the help of linking, you can control the weight of pages. For example, if you want to raise the position of a new landing page, it makes sense to place a link on it from a more popular page with good weight (typed behavioral factors, good reputation with search engines, high rankings, etc.)

When setting up links, it is desirable that the anchor (the text that is the link) contains the keywords by which the site is promoted. It is also important to make sure that the links are not cyclical (when the page is leading to itself) and broken (when the landing page returns an error). But the main thing - do not forget that linking is an important, but a small part of a large and complex work on SEO-website promotion.


What happens if you stop SEO promotion or your website?

SEO promotion of a website cannot be turned on or stopped at the click of your fingers. To have an effect, it must be carried out continuously. But what will happen if, for some reason, you decide to stop optimization work? In general, the situation can develop according to two scenarios:

  • Option 1 (if you have completely abandoned the project). As the resource stops developing, competitors will gradually start to outflank you. Positions in the SERP will begin to fall below and sooner or later will drop out of the TOP. In addition, search algorithms will also change, there will be jumps in the search results, and if you do not respond to them, the site may not lose positions smoothly, but generally abruptly disappear from visibility.
  • Option 2 (if you have not abandoned the resource and are trying to publish something on it or even promote it yourself). In this case, technical errors may begin to appear on the site, which will sharply negatively affect the position of the old pages. In addition, new content that you will publish yourself will not be optimized and, accordingly, is unlikely to rank well (most likely, it will get stuck somewhere between the TOP-100 and TOP-50 and simply no one will see it).

Therefore, in any case, we recommend not to abandon SEO-promotion, and even more so not to do it yourself.


Google or Bing?

In general, a good site will be successfully ranked in both Google and bing. However, when it comes to simple sites, personal blogs-then the difference is more sensitive. My advice:do not try to initially focus on a specific search engine. Just make a good website with useful information. And only then, when you can determine which search engine is more "interested" in your site, then change your tactics. You should not try to please Bing if Google ranks your site well. And vice versa.


Lightest Laptops - Do You Need One?

Choosing a laptop with special features and capabilities sometimes costs a lot of money. One of the features that delight the manufacturers of laptops to their consumers is light-weight laptops. It is possible to get such products by minimizing the" insides " of the device, replacing, if possible, the parts with lighter analogues and simply reducing the size. In any case, you should weigh all the pros and cons before deciding whether you will be hindered by the "extra" 7-12 ounces for which you will pay an additional 100-200 bucks.


My SEO Experience

I have been a web developer and SEO specialist since 2001. At the beginning of my activity, my specialization was news sites, sports-related sites. In 2011, I sold most of my projects and started promoting medical-related websites, as I myself am a medical equipment engineer according my diploma. This is what I am currently doing.

SEO Minds

SEO is not a routine or some "weird stuff". This is an interesting job that makes you think, be creative, and make decisions. Try it, maybe you will also enjoy being an SEO specialist. At least a little.